여수시 심벌마크

Three oval shapes mean the eastern idea of heaven, earth and man. The shape of island at the center simply visualizes Odongdo by modern sense. The visual perceptual energy flowing in large oval shape means the will of advancement and the continuous development of maritime city Yeosu toward the world.

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여수시심벌마크 응용형 국문조합, 영문조합,  한문조합

여수시심벌마크 검정색, 파란색, 회색 조합 응용형


여수시 캐릭터 구니-한자의 거북 구자와 여성스런 호칭의 '니'를 합한 이름
여수시 캐릭터 구키-한자의 거북 구 자와 어린이의 영어표현인 키드(kid)를 합하여 남성 이미지로서 지은 이름

The two turtles represent the people of Yeosu, who are making determined efforts to live and work together in harmony. The characters’ cute and friendly images depict the characteristics of Yeosu that has a strong growth potential.

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손을 아래쪽으로 양쪽으로 펼친모습
구니와 구키가 한손을 들어 인사하는 모습
구니와 구키가 사이좋게 자전거를 타는 모습
구니와 구키가 여수시로고를 들고 마주보고 있는 모습
핀 빨간색 동백꽃이 활짝 핀 모습

Flower- Camellia

Camellia means 'True Love' in the language of flowers. It is a flower with fragrant smell and rich honey and its yellow tassels symbolize peace. Camellia blooms from late winter to early spring and persists for a long period. From ancient times, its fruit has been used to make oil that lights up the lamp and nourishes hair Camellia flower signifies the strong will and sacrificial spirit of citizens of Yeosu-si.

물위에 날개를 접고 앉아 있는 갈매기 모습


Seagull is a bird with sturdy temper that is strong against disease. The cry of seagull is cheerful and its feather is beautiful and intimate. The seagull is a clean and noble bird. Seagull is an indigenous bird which symbolizes the sea as a companion to relieve the solitude of fishermen and pursues peace.

파란하늘 아래로 보이는 동백나무 모습

City Tree - Camellia Shrub

An evergreen broadleaf tea family shrub, the camellia exudes a fragrant aroma year-round. It is also resistant to cold weather and pollution, thereby epitomizing the spirit of perseverance and tenacity of Yeosu citizens. A camellia shrub represents Yeosu so accurately that among Koreans, the first thing that comes to their mind when they think of Yeosu is the "camellias of Odongdo Island."